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Can you tell the diference between a Nerd and a Geek? 65% of video game designer identify as geeks. Geek is SEXY. Geek is Chic.

Victor Ortiz Collection by GEEK EYEWEAR®
Geek Eyewear® Clinches Victor Ortiz To Launch Fashion Forward Eyewear.
Ortiz's Collection Embodies His Spirit Of Beating The Odds & Rolling With Punches In Sport & Life.

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GEEK EYEWEAR® Kids/Teens Collection - styles Geek RAD 09 Junior , Mentor and Harry.
HIP, COOL, and TRENDY glasses for KIDS and TEENS. Have fun! Back To School In Style. Yay!
style Mentor featured in Children's Eyewear Trends Fall 2014 by Eyecessorize

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