Al-Farouq Aminu
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September 4, 2010 (Los Angeles, CA)

Al-Farouq Aminu, one of the top players of the 2010 NBA draft, created a sensation at the NBA Draft on ESPN by wearing a fashionably outrageous pair of eyeglasses. Turns out the glasses were designed and manufactured by Los Angeles based GEEK EYEWEAR ®, a brand known for combining daring wit and sexiness to create instant attraction….eyewear that is memorable for the bold and beautiful.

Geek Eyewear is not just for computer nerds and Sci Fi addicts” explains Alena Lehrer, who created GEEK EYEWEAR ®. “The line was developed to express an attitude.” Today’s geek is a complete individual, which is what I believe originally drew Farouq to GEEK EYEWEAR ®. Farouq is not the typical ball player: Aminu was
a member of the 2008 McDonald’s All American Team and distinguished himself as one of the country’s best forwards. Off the court, Farouq has a great sense of humor and comes across as comfortable with who he is. Farouq’s charisma is a big part of his appearance, which explains his stand-out choice in GEEK EYEWEAR®.

The phones started ringing immediately, Alena Lehrer reports. The picture of Farouq at 2010 NBA Draft on ESPN was followed up with a picture that went viral on the Internet of a smiling Farouq with his big arms outstretched holding a basketball, wearing a different pair of GEEK EYEWEAR®. “By this point, we looked at ourselves,”
Alena says, “we gotta find this guy.” But it was even easier than that, Farouq’s management company, IAM Sports & Entertainment ( was a step ahead. In less than a week, a deal was set and Al-Farouq Aminu became the official spokesperson of GEEK EYEWEAR.

“Creativity. Originality. Excellence. These are qualities I strive for both on and off the court, Farouq Aminu stated.
In Geek Eyewear, I see the same attributes in their glasses designs, as well in the nature of the company
as a whole. I couldn’t be more excited to be working with the entire Geek team.”

How have the early geeks who collect comic books and attend 48 hour Star-Trek marathons taken to a 6-foot-9 geek who will be a starter in the NBA? To be a geek is simply to your own person, to have your own style. While the terms of the agreement remains private, the creators of Geek Eyewear could not be happier.
“We created this look years ago, it’s often emulated, but just like Farouq, we’re totally original. Farouq plays with tremendous poise and confidence, which perfectly embodies the essence of the GEEK EYEWEAR ® brand.
Some people wear glasses as if they are ashamed, they just want to blend in. GEEK EYEWEAR makes a
statement that I’m cool, I’m strong, sexy and hip.


Al-Farouq Aminu
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